America Ferrera Tears Up After Encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio

America Ferrera may now be known as an awe-inspiring, Oscar-nominated actress, yet she is not immune to the charm and charisma of other great actors in the industry. She enjoys a successful acting career, but she continues to have her own fan moments over several celebrities.

Fangirling over the Greats

During her conversation on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Barbie star reflected on her interactions with many distinguished personalities during the awards season. Martin Scorsese and Tom Hanks were among those who left her star-struck. She candidly admitted her admiration for Tom Hanks from her early years stating that she dreamt of being him as she grew up.

Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio

Reminiscing about her interactions with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2007, Ferrera confessed to the late-night host that she often finds herself star-struck, even when unexpected. Instances of meeting someone she admired as a child were particularly surprising and, at times, embarrassing. Back when she was in her early teens, she saw Titanic, featuring DiCaprio, in the theaters seven times, marking a noticeable phase of being smitten by him.

A Tete-a-Tete with DiCaprio

She shared a memorable incident from when she attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2007 as a nominee for Ugly Betty. Her victory at the event made her feel like she fit right in, but she shockingly ran into Leonardo DiCaprio at the event. After exchanging greetings, she found herself weeping uncontrollably around the corner due to the overwhelming nature of the encounter.

Working with her Husband in Barbie

Further in the conversation, Ferrera discussed working with her real-life husband, Ryan Piers Williams, in Barbie. He played her on-screen spouse after she mentioned to Greta Gerwig, the writer-director, that one of her favorite aspects of the script was a part that humorously resembled her husband learning Spanish at home.

Williams’ Casting in Barbie

The Dumb Money actress light-heartedly shared that Williams’ casting occurred when Gerwig, hearing about her husband learning Spanish, casually asked her if he was interested in playing her husband on screen. It took a bit of time, but eventually Gerwig’s suggestion manifested, and Ryan played Ferrera’s husband.

Wrapping Up

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