“5lbs of Pressure” Trailer Previews the Luke Evans-Led Action Thriller

The official trailer for “5lbs of Pressure” has been unveiled, showcasing an action-packed thriller starring Luke Evans and Rory Culkin. Scheduled for release on March 8, the film will be available in theaters, as well as on digital and video-on-demand platforms.

The movie’s plot centers around two main characters: Adam, an ex-convict who returns to his former neighborhood after a 16-year prison sentence for murder, and Mike, a young man eager to escape the criminal demands of his drug-dealing uncle. The narrative evolves as the paths of Adam and Mike cross, leading to violent encounters and the possibility of redemption.

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Phil Allocco is the creative force behind “5lbs of Pressure,” having written, directed, and produced the film. Alongside Luke Evans and Rory Culkin, the cast includes Alex Pettyfer and Rudy Pankow, contributing to the film’s dynamic storytelling and intense performances.

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