Nickelback Documentary Secures Two-Night Theatrical Release

The fame trajectory of the Canadian rock band, Nickelback, takes the center stage in a new feature documentary. The film, titled “Hate to Love: Nickelback,” aims to traverse the successful career of the band, their decline, and their comeback. The documentary, set for screens on March 27 and March 30, is projected to play globally in 1,350 cinemas across 30 countries, offering an in-depth look into the saga of the Nickelback band.

Worldwide Screenings of ‘Hate to Love: Nickelback’

As announced by Trafalgar Releasing, Submarine Entertainment, and Gimme Sugar Productions, “Hate to Love: Nickelback” will be screened globally on only two dates, March 27 and March 30. Fans eager to experience this cinematic journey can grab their tickets starting from February 22.

The Brainchild of Leigh Brooks and Ben Jones

Leigh Brooks has directed while Ben Jones of Gimme Sugar Productions is the producer of the film. The duo’s documentary promises an exclusive glimpse into the rollercoaster journey of the rock band, which first shot to fame in 2001. Throughout the decade, Nickelback was a global sensation, enduring the afflictions of fame, a fierce backlash, to the point of taking a five-year break.

Nickelback’s Triumphant Return

After the five-year hiatus, the band made a triumphant return to the music scene. They released a new record and embarked on a worldwide tour that resonated with a new generation of fans. In a statement, the band expressed their excitement about the film’s release, thanking Leigh Brooks, Ben Jones, and all those who supported this project.

Nickelback Influence on Music Culture

Acknowledging Nickelback’s huge influence on music culture over the years, Kymberli Frueh, Trafalgar’s senior VP of programming and content acquisitions, showcased their excitement for the documentary’s release. “Hate to Love” had previously premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last fall.

Behind-the-Scenes Revelations in ‘Hate to Love’

“Hate to Love” merges behind-the-scenes footage with concert footage, combined with interviews with supporters like Ryan Reynolds and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. It invites Nickelback members Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair to candidly discuss their topsy-turvy legacy.

The Legacy of Nickelback

In 2009, music industry staple Billboard named Nickelback the most successful rock band of the decade. The band’s innumerable hits such as “Photograph,” “Far Away,” and “Rockstar” are popular worldwide. In recognition of their extraordinary contribution to the music industry, Nickelback was honored with a placement in the 2023 Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Wrapping Up

The Nickelback story, filled with unprecedented fame, fierce backlash, hiatus, and a triumphant return, is now ready to unfurl on the big screen. The documentary, “Hate to Love: Nickelback,” is sure to be a must-watch for their fans and music lovers alike. For more details and updates, please visit HitPlay.

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