AMC Networks is Betting on The Walking Dead ‘The Ones Who Live’ and ‘Braxtons’ Return

AMC Networks is keeping the torch alive for fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ by giving powerhouse duo, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, top billing in its latest offshoot of the zombie apocalypse universe, ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.’ This announcement came amidst the company’s grand presentation to the Television Critics Association, where they serenaded members with displays of both returning golden-age dramas and enticing new series. Riding high on the wave past success line ‘Breaking Bad,’ AMC Networks confirms that the thrills of the past are just as important as the allure of the future for their brand.

The Ones Who Live: The Next Chapter in “The Walking Dead” Franchise

At the Television Critics Association, Lincoln and Gurira were present to ramp up excitement about the new six-part series, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. While it’s yet another branch forming on the mighty tree that is The Walking Dead franchise, it goes to show just how valuable the AMC brands’ past properties and actors are. The series is set to air on AMC and AMC+ starting Feb. 25, reuniting Lincoln and Gurira, both of whom left the original series before its 2022 finale. The limited series was initially planned as a film series but later reshaped into a television program.

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Lincoln and Gurira: No End in Sight?

While plot details for The Ones Who Live are mostly kept under wraps, it looks like the end isn’t in sight for Lincoln and Gurira. When asked about the possibility of more series with Lincoln and Gurira, series creator Scott Gimple hinted at potentials for future projects. He stated, “Anything is possible, even if Rick [Lincoln’s character] dies in the last episode.”

Expanding Beyond the Zombie Universe

The resurrection of established franchises doesn’t end with ‘The Walking Dead.’ AMC Networks also relayed plans to revamp the successful reality series Braxton Family Values under the title The Braxtons. The series is set to reunite the Braxton clan, with the notable absence of Traci Braxton, who succumbed to esophageal cancer in 2022.

Bringing Back the Braxtons

WE TV is ready to plunge back into the high energy and dramatic world of the Braxton family. After a three year hiatus, and despite initial conflicts with the network, Tamar Braxton is set to return alongside her sisters and mother for a new reality series, The Braxtons. While some may recall her decision to “cut ties” with the network over compensation disputes, it appears the past has been put to rest as they unite for another round of reality TV.

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Wrapping Up

As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, AMC Networks makes its play leveraging the value of its past success while driving novel content. Even as major content streamers dwarf its scale, the company can hold its own when it comes to name recognition with titles like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and more. Visit HitPlay for more updates and reviews on AMC’s exciting lineup.