Charles Melton Joins A24 War Film from Alex Garland, Ray Mendoza

Multiple sources reported that “Riverdale” and “May December” actor Charles Melton could potentially be joining the cast of a new war movie by A24. This upcoming project will be helmed by co-directors Ray Mendoza and Alex Garland, the pair previously collaborated for the film “Civil War”. The team behind the yet-to-be-titled war drama includes eminent producers Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich of DNA, and Peter Rice.

About the Upcoming Project

The new film project is a joint effort of co-directors Ray Mendoza and Alex Garland, who have also co-written the script. Mendoza has previously worked with Garland as the military supervisor on “Civil War”, another A24 film set to hit theatres on April 12th. Movie giant A24 will be handling the global release of this film.

Charles Melton’s Career Highlight

Charles Melton is best known for his role on The CW’s “Riverdale”. His acting prowess is acclaimed in the industry, and Melton’s performance in Todd Haynes’ 2023 film “May December” added another feather to his cap. His filmography also includes titles like “The Sun Is Also a Star”, “Bad Boys for Life”, and “Secret Headquarters”, as well as TV series roles in “Poker Face” and “History of the World, Part II”.

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More about Co-Director Alex Garland

Alex Garland is known for directing successful films like “Men”, “Annihilation”, and “Ex Machina”. More recently, Garland has been associated with the sequel to the zombie flick “28 Days Later”, titled “28 Years Later”, which he is said to be penning, with Danny Boyle directing. The original movie was released in 2003 by Fox Searchlight and Garner’s screenplay was appreciated by viewers and critics alike.

Wrapping Up

While we wait to confirm Charles Melton’s involvement with the upcoming A24 war film, fans and industry insiders alike are excitedly following all updates. Don’t forget to check out HitPlay to stay on top of all the news regarding your favorite films and TV shows.

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