Willem Dafoe Defends His Performance in Speed 2

Willem Dafoe may be familiar to many for his memorable role in ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control,’ a role that has spun into the realm of internet memes. However, during a recent video for Variety, the seasoned performer not only guessed some of his most famous lines but staunchly defended the flamboyance of his performance in the 1997 sequel.

Meme-worthy or Over the Top? Dafoe Disagrees

Dafoe, in talking about ‘Speed 2’s reception, brushed off notions that he was trying to be extra in his portrayal. Instead, Dafoe asserted that his naturally expressive facial features were the heart of the role. “A lot of people give me a hard time about that,” Dafoe said. “They tease me about the size of my performance, that it was over the top. But I swear to God, I stand by that performance because there was no other way to do it. I’ve got a pretty flexible face, an expressive face. And I don’t censor it, I let it do its thing.”

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The Art of Embracing His Expressive Face

Instead of manipulating his facial features into expressions, Dafoe lets his face play out the emotions on its own, leading sometimes to hilariously extreme results. “And so when you freeze it into a meme, yeah, you can get a lot of laughs out. That’s for sure.”

Daring Portrayal of the Role

In the film ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’ Dafoe played the role of John Geiger, a vengeful ex-employee of a cruise company who turns saboteur in order to pilfer some riches. He acknowledged that sometimes a performance might not be received as expected due to several factors but underlined his conviction in the role regardless. “Sometimes you do things and people just aren’t ready for them, or it’s the wrong time, or the context is wrong, maybe I misread it. But for my money, I stand by that movie.”

Wrapping Up

Depicting a range of emotions through his expressive face while fearlessly portraying his character, Willem Dafoe embraces and stands by his role in ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control,’ even amidst the meme culture. To check out more in-depth reviews of timeless performances like this, head over to HitPlay!

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