Annette Bening Honored by Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild

Renowned actress Annette Bening will be recognized during the upcoming 11th annual Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild’s ceremony, where she will receive the Distinguished Artisan Award. Scheduled for the 18th of February at The Beverly Hilton, the event celebrates outstanding contributions and commitments within the world of cinema make-up and hairstyling. Bening’s award acknowledges her long-standing collaboration with Local 706 guild members, as well as her consistent efforts to uphold the craft’s integrity through her various character roles.

A Celebrated Career

Annette Bening is highly recognized for her remarkable portfolio that includes films such as ‘American Beauty’, ‘The Kids Are All Right’, and ‘Bugsy’. She has garnered considerable acclaim for her talent, securing two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Golden Globes, and two Tony nominations throughout her career. Recently, Bening has once again been put in the spotlight with her fifth Academy Award nomination for her role in ‘Nyad’.

Upcoming Work

Bening continues to be active in the industry, with her latest starring role in ‘Jerry and Marge Go Large’. She is also set to appear in the forthcoming film ‘Poolman’, directed by Chris Pine and co-starring Danny DeVito and Pine himself.

Recognizing Talent in The Make-Up Industry

During the awards ceremony, make-up artist Michael Westmore, renowned for his work in ‘Rocky’, will be acknowledged with the Guild’s Vanguard Award. Additionally, make-up artist Kevin Haney of ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ fame, and Ora T. Green, known for her work in ‘Good Times’, are slated to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards for their valuable contributions to the industry.

Wrapping Up

Annette Bening’s recognition at the upcoming Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild’s ceremony pays tribute to her commitment to the industry and her collaborations with artists to bring unforgettable characters to life. Recognizing the talent and contributions of make-up artists and hairstylists, this ceremony underlines the significance of their roles in transforming actors into their on-screen personas. For more updates on such events and more industry news, head over to

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