Is the Coogler-Jordan Latest Project a Period Vampire Film?

It’s confirmed! The iconic duo, Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler are uniting again for their latest venture — an alluring, top-secret genre film. There’s a titillating shift from their tried-and-true territory with whispers of this endeavor venturing into period vampire territory. Known for their consummate work in Fruitvale Station, Creed, and Black Panther, this bewitching new project draws from an original concept by Coogler.

Ryan Coogler, the man behind the story, will also helm the project as writer and director with his company, Proximity Media. Michael B. Jordan takes the spotlight, set to embark on a new journey as the star of this mysterious film.

As per the The Hollywood Reporter, the project takes on an umbrella term as a genre feature, encapsulating everything from horror and thriller to sci-fi and fantasy. Insiders from THR divulge hints of a period element incorporated within the narrative.

The Brewing Mystery of Coogler’s New Project

The period element of the feature seems to be corroborated by Jeff Sneider of The Insneider, hinting the exciting factor of it being a vampire movie. While confirmations are yet to be made, the enigma of the project has stirred up quite a curiosity.

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Last week, executives and buyers found themselves going directly to the Beverly Hills offices of WME, the agency representing Coogler and Jordan, to take a peek at the script and gather more details. The next step unfolds this week with prospective parties scheduled to meet with Ryan Coogler, eager to hear his interpretation of the movie and hoping to secure a production commitment.

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