Pixar is Developing ‘Cars 4’

In 2019, Pixar made a solemn promise; “Toy Story 4” would be their final sequel for an undefined period, with plans laid out for a series of original projects. Fast forward to four years later and the story has taken a twist.

Pixar’s Creative and Commercial Dilemma

Despite their promise, Pixar was found grappling with creative and commercial challenges under new leadership from Pete Docter. Consequently, the animation giant is taking a U-turn, considering the revival of their sequel-making tradition as a possible panacea.

A Batch of Sequels on the Horizon

The blade is already on the stone, with “Lightyear” having hit the big screens last year. There are rumblings of a “Toy Story 5” and “Inside Out 2” joining the party soon. The most shocking revelation? Pixar is working on a new sequel, “Cars 4”, along with other spin-off projects linked to the franchise.

‘Cars’ Franchise – A Throw of Dice?

It’s undeniable that the ‘Cars’ franchise has seen a drop in quality over time, with “Cars 2,” possibly ranking as the weakest Pixar movie yet. However, the franchise can boast a commanding box office record, with a whopping $1.4 billion in cumulative earnings.

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Pixar’s Declining Creativity

Pixar has seen a downward spiral in its creative prowess lately, as confirmed by Disney CEO, Bob Iger, who referred to Pixar’s “creative misses” last summer. This statement was probably flagging recent titles like “Luca,” “Elemental,” “Lightyear,” and “Onward” as the culprits.

Time to Rekindle the Pixar Magic

Gone are the glory days when Pixar consistently rolled out animated masterpieces such as “WALL-E,” “Ratatouille,” “The Incredibles,” “Finding Nemo,” “Up!” “Inside Out” and “Toy Story 3.” The best Pixar release lately? Perhaps “Soul,” but it hardly compares to Pixar’s golden era.

Pixar’s Future – A Sequel Overkill?

Pixar’s upcoming line-up features titles like “Elio”, “Inside Out 2”, and “Toy Story 5”. The overt sequel trend is alarming. Pixar needs to rekindle its passion for original content, and possibly rehire some of the creatives from the golden era. The stage is big enough – it’s time to reshuffle the deck.

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