Is the New Avengers Movie Set to Start Shooting in Late 2024?

Exciting Updates on ‘Avengers 5’: On Deck for 2024 Production

Hold on to your superhero capes, Marvel fans! It’s just been reported that the fifth Avengers installment, tentatively titled “Avengers: Secret Wars,” might go into production as early as 2024. Daniel Richtman, renowned for bringing exclusive industry insights to the public, announced this development. Yet, the director’s chair remains vacant following Daniel Destin Cretton’s withdrawal from the project earlier this year.

‘Avengers 5’: A Rumor or the Real Deal?

You might be wondering why the shooting of Avengers 5 is scheduled so far in advance when the film’s planned release isn’t until 2027? Barring this date as a rumor, perhaps Marvel is deciding to wisely invest their time in developing a solid script, thorough casting, and carefully handpicking a new director.

Setbacks and Updates in the ‘Avengers 5’ Lineup

Reportedly, work-stoppages have pushed back the original 2026 launch of ‘Avengers 5’ to 2027. Changes in the cast list necessitated a rework of the script, most notably the character replacement for Jonathan Majors who was to play the principal antagonist, Kang the Conqueror. Consequently, the initial proposed title “Avengers: Kang Dynasty” has been shelved. Our best bet for the new film name is “Avengers: Secret Wars — Part 1.”

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Tom Holland Swings into a Significant Role

In other exciting news, Spider-Man fans will be thrilled to learn that Tom Holland is slated to have a “very big role” in the upcoming ‘Avengers’ films. The actor will also be starring in the ‘Spider-Man 4’ film set to be released between ‘Avengers 5’ and ‘Avengers 6.’ While juggling his superhero commitments, Holland is also expected to hit the dance floor for his Fred Astaire biopic in 2024, with Emma Stone rumoured to co-star.

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