Hayao Miyazaki’s upcoming movie could potentially be a sequel to his 1984 classic, ‘Nausicaä’

The legendary Hayao Miyazaki surprised fans earlier this fall with his intriguingly unique “The Boy and the Heron”. The surprise got even bigger after it was revealed that the esteemed director was still at work and isn’t planning to retire as previously anticipated.

Despite some critics labeling “The Boy and the Heron” as his “swan song”, it was quickly clarified that Miyazaki is not quite ready for his final bow just yet. Studio Ghibli’s VP, Junichi Nishioka, quickly announced at TIFF that Miyazaki was already engaged in a new project.

A Surrealist Maestro at Work

Miyazaki, whose surrealistic, poetic films have kept us enchanted since his debut in 1979 with “The Castle of Cagliostro”, now at 82, shows no signs of slowing down. His latest un-retirement has swung into full gear with “The Boy and the Heron” recording the highest box office success of Miyazaki’s illustrious career in the U.S.

Speculations are currently ablaze that Miyazaki might be wading back into familiar waters with his next project. A recent behind-the-scenes documentary, “2399 days with Hayao Miyazaki” – focused on ‘Heron’s’ production, sparked rumors that Miyazaki’s upcoming film could be a follow-up to one of his critically acclaimed works.

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Clues Arise in Documentary’s Final Scene

The finale of the documentary further fueled speculation. Miyazaki can be seen discussing his future, while sketching a portrait of the character Nausicaä and her “pet” Teto. “It’s painful to return to this world,” he painfully admits.

Is it a sign that Miyazaki’s next film is a sequel to Nausicaä, or is he gearing up for another manga production? It is hard to say. Miyazaki prefers to keep his ideas close to his chest. While details remain scanty at the moment, it seems the perfect time to revisit his 1984 gem and immerse oneself in the hauntingly beautiful score composed by Joe Hisaishi.

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