Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thanksgiving Telethon is Live Now

“In the not too distant future…” Are you ready to belly laugh at some astounding B-movies? The team from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is on standby to inject some merriment and levity into your Thanksgiving festivities. Forget battling hordes of holiday shoppers or zoning out in front of yet another football game. Instead, MST3K invites you to indulge in 48 hours of the most delightfully dreadful B-movies ever screened in any theater or drive-in. Tune in to the live feed for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon below:

Join the MST3K Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Mystery Science Theater 3000 first aired 35 years ago, with its debut episode broadcast on Thanksgiving (November 24) 1988. The series was the ingenious creation of Joel Hodgson, the “inventive” janitor Joel Robinson, who joins “wisecracking” robots Crow and Tom Servo to watch and riff on awful B-movies. While the sci-fi comedy franchise has evolved with different hosts over the years (including Mike Nelson, Jonah Heston, Emily Connor), the selection of wonderfully cheesy B-movies remains a constant. This year, expect more of the movies that are worth being skewered, rather than watched.

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Highlights of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon

For this year’s event, the MST3K writers have curated a lineup of the most loved episodes from the series’ long history for the 48-hour Thanksgiving and Black Friday marathon. From classics to new episodes, featuring films such as The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (1957), The Pumaman (1980), The Bubble (1966), and The Christmas Dragon (2014), all are ready to be humorously dissected once more. A total of 24 MST3K episodes will be aired during the two-day event.

Fans can watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Mega Turkey Day Marathon Telethon stream on Shout! TV, the MST3K channel, and Gizmoplex starting at 9 a.m. EST on Thursday, November 23. However, if fans want a 14th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, they will need to head over to the MST3K crowdfunding efforts and donate. It’s on now!

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