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Weekly Shots: Wes Anderson Charms, The Golden Bachelor Starts, and Gen V is Smashing Through

Welcome to Weekly Shots, your curated weekly feature where we handpick movies and TV shows just for you. Whether you're into superheroes, dating shows,...

Weekly Shots: Unmissable Movies and TV Shows to Stream Right Now

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Shots, your curated guide to the most compelling movies and TV shows this week. Grab your remote and...

Weekly Shots: Barbie, The Morning Show and Demonic Possessions

Dive into the world of cinema and television with "Weekly Shots" – your curated guide to the week's most compelling movies and TV shows....

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Richard Linklater’s ‘Hit Man’ Review

Glen Powell has been a powerhouse in the acting industry for the past two decades, consistently turning heads with his stellar performances in both...

TIFF 2023: ‘Lee’ Review

In "Lee," Kate Winslet delivers a compelling performance as Lee Miller, the model turned World War II photographer. The film, directed by Ellen Kuras,...

‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Review

If you've been eagerly awaiting another shot of "The Walking Dead" adrenaline, prepare to be served—but not without reservations. With the franchise setting its...


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The Oscars 2024 Predictions: Who Are the Best Picture Contenders

The 2024 Oscars are just around the corner, and the buzz is already palpable. With film festivals like Toronto, Telluride, and Venice wrapped up,...

Game of Thrones’ Spinoffs That Could be Epic

The Game of Thrones universe is far from over, even if the original series has wrapped up. With House of the Dragon already gracing...

Is Carrie Bradshaw a Toxic Friend?

The Cultural Phenomenon of Carrie Bradshaw: A Double-Edged Legacy Carrie Bradshaw, immortalized by Sarah Jessica Parker, has become more than just a character; she's a...

Your Ultimate Guide to the 2023 MTV VMAs: Performers, Nominees and How to Watch

Get ready for a night full of glitz, glamour, and inevitable drama as the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) are back! Scheduled for September...

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’: Everything You Need to Know

Nia Vardalos and the cast return to bring Greek flavor to the big screen once again. In 2002, Nia Vardalos made waves with her enchanting...