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Picks & Skips: Apes, Eurovision, The Iron Claw, PLL, Doctor Who and More

This weekend's streaming lineup is packed with fascinating new titles across film and TV. Alice Rohrwacher’s La Chimera blends tomb raiding and magic in...

Weekly Shots: Our Picks for What to Watch This Weekend

This week's streaming selections traverse a broad spectrum of genres and themes, promising a rich tapestry of visual and narrative experiences. From the vast...

Weekly Shots: Our Picks For This Weekend

Prepare for an exciting lineup of television programming this weekend, featuring historical figures, beloved actors, and unique storylines. From late-night laughs to intense dramas,...

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‘Practical Magic 2’ to Draw Heavily from Alice Hoffman’s ‘The Book of Magic’

The Owens witches are back. LoglineThe sequel to the beloved 'Practical Magic' is set to adapt Alice Hoffman's follow-up novel, bringing more witchy adventures to...

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield Star in A24’s Emotional Drama ‘We Live in Time’

Crying emoji. Logline Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield team up in John Crowley’s latest romantic comedy, "We Live in Time," set for an October 11 limited...

Genshin Impact Voice Actors Criticize the Game’s Lack of Diversity

Genshin Impact is facing accusations of cultural appropriation following the recent reveal of its Natlan character lineup. This criticism, voiced by fans and in-game...